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“The feeling of kissing her lips,
and then her cheek,
and then her neck,
and when she gets goosebumps all over because she can hardly handle it…
There’s nothing like it.”

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Happiness within him.
By: hello-youre-perfection

It’s a lot of things, I suppose.

It’s the 2am phone calls,
the kind where we’re both silent,
and I’m falling asleep,
but neither of us hang up because
neither of us want to hear the word ‘goodbye’.

It’s the feeling of the entire world against me,
but knowing you’ll always be there,
holding my hand and
kissing the bruises this world has given me
as if they’re stars
and you know the sun will come out eventually.

It’s the gathering I do to pick up the pieces of my heart
after I heard you tell me what you think of yourself.
So everyday I make sure to tell you,
‘you’re beautiful,’
and I hope one day you’ll answer with,
‘I know.’

It’s the little kisses,
the smallest squeezes of our hands,
the passionate persuasion that evening brings us to,
and the adoration I feel
whenever I look at you,
and the butterflies that take off
when I see that
you’re staring

It’s the fact you didn’t save me.
You gave me the courage
to save myself.
And darling, that is the greatest gift
you could have ever given.

Thoughts about my girlfriend (via irl-spain)

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I'm probably gonna kill myself. I don't know what else to do.





don’t kill yourself now, tomorrow, tonight, or in anytime because you are worth living with thousands of reasons to be happy, i feel bad for you in what you’ve been through but trust me these thoughts are going to fade away sooner, i love you, people around you loves you and they do appreciate you no matter what. please stay strong because there are plenty reasons to live and i’ll just list you as many as i can okay?

  • you have forever to be dead
  • for that comforting feeling when a cat finally allows you to pick them up and sticks by your side
  • life can be beautiful
  • everything will balance out
  • new music
  • books you can’t put down
  • theres still so much to discover
  • you are needed
  • sleep food
  • a hot cup of tea
  • how awesome it feels when class gets cancelled
  • kittens
  • hearing a song that has been stuck in your head all day
  • the smell of cookies in the oven
  • when your parents are proud of you
  • when your favourite song comes on the radio
  • there are beautiful places to see
  • bucket lists to complete
  • rules to break
  • art to see & create
  • to fade your scars
  • to find something you believe in
  • to help someone
  • falling asleep to rain
  • smiling at strangers
  • 7 billion people you haven’t met yet

for those of you looking for a sign not to kill yourself this is it.

Every time I see this, I promise that I will reblog this 

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